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Pesticide Treatment and Termite Control in Cypress, Texas

Protect your home with routine pesticide treatment and termite control from ALCO Termite and Pest Control Services in Cypress, Texas. With regularly scheduled treatments, we guarantee your building to be free of unwanted visitors. We have several different treatment options, designed to meet your needs. Together we can find the one that's right for you.

Interior Pesticide Treatment

Available in quarterly intervals, this pest control service includes the entire interior of your home. We go through every room, carefully treating:

• Baseboards throughout the Entire House
• Windows
• Attics
• All Possible Entry Points
• Cracks and Crevices
• Garages & Garage Perimeters
• Weep Holes
Insects, Pesticide Treatment in Cypress, TX

Say goodbye to:

• Roaches
• Silverfish
• Fire Ants
• Pill Bugs
• Centipedes
• Firebrats
• Millipedes • Earwigs

We do not guarantee that our treatment will kill all spiders, but it will help to deter them.

Exterior Pesticide Treatment and Termite Control

This powerful spray of 50 to 100 psi of pesticide, mixed with a non-organic silicone surfactant, bonds to any surface it is sprayed upon. It forms a barrier extending five feet out from the house and garage. The exterior of windows, eaves, and planter areas are thoroughly sprayed as well.

Treatment Guarantees:

• Same Pests as
  Indoor Treatment
• Wasps
• Hornets
• Yellow Jackets
• Spiders

After our technician treats your yard, we guarantee there will be no new ant beds! Please ask us for details.

Termite Control

Termite control options are available as well, as a separate treatment, as it uses a different application and chemical. Get rid of this damaging, costly, and invasive insect once and for all.

Request a service in Cypress, Texas, for pesticide treatment and termite control.