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Pest Control Service in Cypress, Texas

Alco Termite and Pest Control is a third generation company, primarily serving the Houston area, and throughout Harris County. We bring unparalleled experience and dedication to each and every property we service. We know the specific pest population in this area, and how best to get rid of them. Bugs don’t stand a chance!

If you need to get rid of, or prevent infestation of bugs, insects, mice, or anything else that might invade your home, trust our assertive approach to get the job done. We bring the right materials to deal with your specific problem, and we pride ourselves on prompt, punctual service. In the event we find we are delayed because of Houston’s famous traffic, or another unforeseen circumstance, you’ll hear from us before we knock on your door, not after.

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Because we also have families and pets, we appreciate your concern for safety. We’ll design an approach that is safe for everyone living in your home. We do not obligate our clients to sign long-term contracts, because we know you’ll be happy with our pest control service and use us anyway!

We strongly advise quarterly visits, as consistency is key in keeping pests out of your home. Let our courteous technicians keep up with your pest control maintenance, so that you don’t have to.

Request a service from our licensed technicians who perform
the area’s most effective interior and exterior pest control service.

Calendar, Pest Control Service in Cypress, TX